Hey, I’m Samu.

By day, I am a Bachelor student in Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Cognition in Magdeburg.

By night, I am exploring the intersection of AI Safety and Neuroscience/Cognitive Science. Currently, I am working on “Hebbian” Natural Abstractions, a variant of the Natural Abstractions Hypothesis by John Wentworth. I also enjoy writing on other topics (reach out if you’d want to collab!).

I sympathize with some views of the Effective Altruism and Rationality community (though I disagree on many parts as well; in general, I try to keep my identity small and form my own views). Aside from that, I enjoy climbing, reading, playing guitar and piano, and riding my bike (a lovely Koga Miyata CarbonTech 5000 Singlespeed).

Previously, I was involved in the climate movement as a UX designer and worked at Together for Future e.V. and Future Matters Project as a project manager, referee for team development and as a knowledge manager.

If you’re interested in any of the aforementioned topics, the easiest method to contact me is via Telegram (~1-3 days answering delay usually – but 100% response rate), otherwise you can use my email. Here you can also book a 1-on-1 with me or give me anonymous feedback (I love reading feedback!).

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Samuel Nellessen
Striving to making the world a better place. Interested in effective altruism, AI alignment, stoicism, psychology & philosophy and all sorts of other stuff. Hit me up if you want to chat!